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Management Of Happiness Management Of Happiness

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Management of Happiness is a question-based mobile application that evaluates individual circadian happiness using rating (on a scale of 1 to 10) questions highly related to analyzing self-being, the purpose of intellectual living, and becoming a member of society.A custom-made question simulator app built on Flutter. The app measures multiple parameters of human psychology based on the exam a person chooses for example if somebody is introvert or extrovert etc. There are multiple logics built that the application uses to show various results. It records historical data, shows animated graphs, etc, and has an integrated WordPress-based blog in it.

  • Project Name
    Management Of Happiness
  • Service
    Hybrid Mobile App Development
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"Our branding couldn't get prettier, our message couldn't be louder. What was delivered to us was absolute perfection. There was no need for iterations, and we had our delivery within 3 days."

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